Expedite the rehabilitation process

Treatment Objective

the purpose of Exercise Physiology in rehabilitation is to return the worker to their pre-injury duties and pre-injury employer.


If the extent of an injury means return to work is inappropriate, the purpose of rehabilitation is then to maximise the worker’s independent functioning.​

We use progressive evidence-based interventions to ensure an efficient return-to-work process.

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Standards & Expectations

  • Deliver outcome-focused and goal-orientated services, which are focused on achieving maximum function and safely returning the worker to work.

  • Consider biopsychosocial factors that may influence the injured worker’s return to work.

  • Advise and liaise with the relevant treating practitioners and insurer.

  • Keep detailed, appropriate, up-to-date treatment records and any relevant information obtained in the service delivery.

  • Ensure that the worker has given their written authority prior to the exchange of information with third parties other than the referrer.

  • Be accountable for the services provided, ensuring those services incurred for the work-related injury or condition are reasonable

  • Maintain practice competencies relevant to the provider’s profession and the delivery of services within the Queensland workers’ compensation environment

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