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Achieve Independence with exercise that addresses your unique needs and challenges.

Feeling held hostage by pain or physical limitations? 

or just want to move & feel better.


We help participants live the lives they want to live


Can I get Exercise Physiology funded through my NDIS plan?

We've helped NDIS participants receive the appropriate funding to build independence and live the lives they choose to live 

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Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Burleigh heads

Charlie specializes in generating change to reach NDIS goals. this means helping you overcome pain and physical limitations to allow you to live a normal and generative life. Interested in how I can help you move and feel better? contact me personally ⬇️⬇️

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Generate meaningful 

We understand how frustrating it is to be promised results from NDIS physio's but not see improvement. Some clinicians may not fully understand your condition or provide a tailored treatment plan, leading to unfulfilled promises. We use contemporary and effective methods that generate quick, lasting results. Remember, not all clinicians are the same. Keep searching for the right fit to achieve your goals and make progress toward your independence



Assessment & Planning

We assess your abilities and limitations to develop a personalized exercise plan for your NDIS goals.


Effective Treatment

Our specialized treatment plans address your specific needs, and help you make progress towards your health and fitness goals.


Reassessment & Reporting

We regularly reassess your progress and provide detailed reports to ensure your program is tailored to your evolving needs and goals.

Physically challenged Driver

Concerned that you are too unwell to do exercises?

We choose exercises to help you attain your goals and adapt them to how you are on the day. This means nobody is too unwell or unable to move and live more actively.  book an NDIS exercise physio session today

Conditions we've helped

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I want to move and feel better


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