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Celebrating Tarsha's First 10km Run

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Gold Coast Girl with Cerebral Palsy completes 10km with frame runner

5 years ago, Tarsha didn’t think she could run,

this week, she ran her first 10k

When most would have given up

Tarsha soldiered on.

Over the past eight weeks, Tarsha has dedicated herself to training for this milestone event. You might have spotted her running all over the Gold Coast & Tweed. In addition to her running practice, Tarsha has been attending regular exercise physiology sessions, focusing on enhancing her mobility and ensuring she can stay active in the community.

We made a video that we wanted to share with you, documenting some of the journey toward her 10k run. you'll hear Tarsha share her thoughts leading up to her race- and reflecting on her accomplishment upon completion.

While Tarsha's story is proof that if you have a goal, and a vision- you can turn it into reality -

milestones come in all shapes and sizes

I work with participants who want to push their boundaries

This means thinking outside the box and exploring possibilities.

for example

A young man with Spina Bifida, inspired to help - pursuing the goal of being able to pick up sticks with his dad around the yard


the joy the man with a spinal injury felt, after building the strength to transfer onto sand - and experience the freedom of the ocean again

what we might not realise is,

when your world is made small by the constraints of your ability

a seemingly minor accomplishment can be an achievement of a lifetime.

When it comes to building capacity, it's the small steps that make a big difference.

if you have movement goals -

And want to experience the power of person-centered exercise physiology,

you can find out more at

If you would like to tell Tarsha she's a superstar, you can buy a coffee from her at Burleigh Op Shop, @ Burleigh heads Church of Christ. She works there on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

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